10 years Planet Drum Berlin Concert

On the occasion of the 10 years Planet Drum Concert, I had the pleasure to perform Herbie Hancock’s “Cantaloupe Island” with the lovely and one and only Keiko Lenz-Fujitsuka on drums, accompanied by the talented Planet Drums All Stars, featuring MC Klabautermann. Tons of fun and the crowd couldn’t stop dancing 😉

Planet Drum 10th Anniv-150

Planet Drum 10th Anniv-152

Planet Drum 10th Anniv-153

Planet Drum 10th Anniv-155

Planet Drum 10th Anniv-156

Planet Drum 10th Anniv-163

“Koko’s Tune” by Yusef Lateef – Revisited

Here is another recording of “Koko’s Tune” by Yusef Lateef Revisited. 

Quick studio recording of me jamming over a backtrack.



Vintage Saxophone Paradise

Looking for new toys at Saxophone Service Duchstein, the vintage saxophone paradise in Berlin.

Blue Trane Reloaded

Here is a quick take on the John Coltrane classic “Blue Trane”.

Me on tenor sax, loving the sound of my new Otto Link STM mouthpiece along

with the Aebersold All Stars. Hope you dig.

Otto Link Vibes

Could not resist the wonderful tone of the Otto Link STM classic mouthpiece. Was sold after playing it for only a few seconds.

The Coltrane classic Super Tone Master completes my set up.

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