“So Long, Eric” 50 years Memorial Tribute to Eric Dolphy

Exactly 50 years ago, on June 29, 1964, Eric Dolphy passed away in a hospital in Berlin at the age of 36, because his condition of diabetes was not recognized (apparently no blood test conducted) when he collapsed on stage and was hospitalized.

To pay tribute to his great talent, we played the tune that Charles Mingus named after him, when Eric announced that he would not return to the US together with the band, but remain in Europe. “So long, Eric” played at a community center concert organized by the wonderful Ruth Lenz-Weisshaupt on June 29, 2014 with the wonderful Keiko on piano and myself on Sax, accompanied by the digital all stars. Enjoy!

“Koko’s Tune” by Yusef Lateef – Revisited

Here is another recording of “Koko’s Tune” by Yusef Lateef Revisited. 

Quick studio recording of me jamming over a backtrack.



Have a slice of delicious Cheesecake :-)


Have a slice of delicious cheesecake à la Dexter Gordon.
Just a quick first take version. Full version coming soon.


Body and Soul

Here is a new version of the Jazz Standard “Body and Soul”.

Me on tenor saxophone, accompanied by the Aebersold All Stars.



Took my beauty to Saxophone Service Duchstein for a tune-up.
Using a light to check for any leaks, the expert craftsman adjusted a few spots. When he started using a mini flame thrower on my sax, I was shocked at first. But as he explained, it is used to heat up the metal part on top of the pad, so the bond gets flexible and the pad can be slightly re-positioned.

True craftsman always amaze me. My Super 80 is back in impeccable shape and plays just beautifully 😉

Love these guys!




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